Cargo Jeans: Effortless Style for the Youthful Spirit

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Jeans Quality Material: - 100 % Cotton , Loose Fit, Cargo Jeans.

Size: 30 Size Guide

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Fashion Freedom for the Youthful Soul!

Material: 100% Cotton, Loose Fit

Designed for the free-spirited youth of Tier 2 cities, our Cargo Jeans exude a youthful air. The comfort and style of these jeans are prioritized in their construction from superior 100% cotton. The trendy and practical cargo-inspired style is right on trend with today's young people's fashion-forward preferences.

Cargo Jeans are a must-have for the young fashionista who wants to be on trend while still feeling comfortable. They will help you redefine your style with their easy chic.

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30, 32, 34, 36