Storm Unisex Oversized T-shirt: Bold Statement

Rs. 999.00

Tshirt Quality: -
Product Quality: - 100 % Cotton Terry
240 GSM Fabric, Relaxed Fit.
High Density Puff Print
Reverse Wash Only. See Sewn in Care label for details.

Size: S Size Guide

SKU: 56789-S
Categories: Oversized T-shirt

Embrace the Thunder!

Use our Storm Oversized T-shirt as a platform to express yourself. This cozy tee is made from 100% Cotton Terry and features a graphic that embodies the power of a storm. Perfect for the self-assured, trend-conscious youth of Tier 2 cities who want to make a strong fashion statement with ease.

The Storm Oversized T-shirt is a daring statement piece for the young, independent souls who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Wear it to make an impression.

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